Roman Studenikin, Software Developer at Booking.com

Roman Studenikin

Software Developer, Booking.com

Roman gained most of his experience during years spent in Yandex where he was in charge of designing and building from scratch highly loaded online data processing systems, cloud storages, data transport systems, consensus protocols, as well as full products like automatic bidding and PPC fraud prevention systems. Of course at some point he wasn’t able to hold all responsibilities himself and eventually he grew a team around the products he built which have grown into multiple teams. Currently he works for booking.com where his team’s mission is to scale machine learning usage company wide.


Productionizing Behavioural Features for Machine Learning with Apache Spark Streaming

We are using Spark Streaming for building online Machine Learning(ML) features that are used in Booking.com for real-time prediction of behaviour and preferences of our users, demand for hotels and improve processes in customer support.… Read more