Jose A. Rodriguez-Serrano, Lead Data Scientist at BBVA Data & Analytics

Jose A. Rodriguez-Serrano

Lead Data Scientist, BBVA Data & Analytics

Jose is Lead Data Scientist for BBVA Data & Analytics since 2015, area of Advisory and Predictive models. Their role is to put into production and machine learning models to improve experience of banking app users through big data infrastructure. Formerly, Area Manager for Machine Learning at Xerox Research. Started as AI researcher (PhD in computer vision) with 9 years of experience in industrial innovation with machine learning solutions, including banking, document workflow automation, or traffic sensing. Several top-tier publications and over 20 patents. Fascinated by solving real-world problems with state-of-the-art AI and making machine learning easy to use by non-experts.


Classifying Text in Money Transfers: A Use Case of Apache Spark in Production for Banking

At BBVA (second biggest bank in Spain), every money transfer a customer makes goes through an engine that infers a category from its textual description. This engine has been developed in Spark, mixes MLLib and… Read more