Jim Dowling, Associate Professor at KTH—Royal Institute of Technology

Jim Dowling

Associate Professor, KTH—Royal Institute of Technology

Jim Dowling is a native of Dublin (Ireland) and an Associate Professor at the School of Information and Communications Technology in the Department of Software and Computer Systems at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, a Senior Researcher at SICS RISE, and CEO of Logical Clocks AB. He received his Ph.D. in Distributed Systems from Trinity College Dublin (2005) and worked at MySQL AB (2005-2007). He’s a distributed systems researcher and his research interests are in the area of high-performance, large-scale distributed computer systems. He’s lead architect of Hops Hadoop (www.hops.io), the world’s most scalable Hadoop distribution.


Apache Spark-and-Tensorflow-as-a-Service

In Sweden, from the Rise ICE Data Center at www.hops.site, we are providing to reseachers both Spark-as-a-Service and, more recently, Tensorflow-as-a-Service as part of the Hops platform. In this talk, we examine the different ways… Read more