Francisco J. Lacueva, Computer Engineer at ITAINNOVA

Francisco J. Lacueva

Computer Engineer, ITAINNOVA

Francisco J. Lacueva got his Mr. in Computer Engineer from the University of Zaragoza on 2000. He works for ITAINNOVA since 2004. Here collaborated in different R&D projects such as Virtual e-Health, Telco, Tourism and Supply Change Management public and private founded. Before working for ITA, he worked in ATOS between 1999 and 2002, Alerce Informatica Aplicada (2002-2004). He is actually working in the ITC-Big Data and Cognitive Systems knowledge area of ITAINNOVA where he is collaborating in different projects. In particular he is coordinating ITAINNOVA activities in FACTS4WORKER H2020 founding project.


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