Hadoop (Senior) Developer for the SAP HANA Vora Team (SAP)

As a (Senior) Developer in the SAP HANA Vora team you will be working with a group of exceptionally talented and motivated colleagues.

You will need to:

  • Identify relevant technology trends and drive education in related domains
  • Write meticulous software implementations throughout the whole software stack
  • Perform code reviews and audits to spot opportunities for improvements with respect to usability, testability, supportability, or potential performance penalties
  • Write regression tests for your own code using different programming languages (e.g. C++, Python, SQL) and testing frameworks (e.g. Google C++ Testing Framework)
  • Be able to multiply your skills by actively mentoring other resources within the team
  • Continually enhance your existing skills and seek new areas for personal development
  • Be a strong, committed, reliable team player with a strong service ethic; as well as being a proactive networker, a self-starter and self-motivated.

Your tasks will include developing new concepts in the following areas:

  • Query execution via Spark
  • Block Placement Strategies in HDFS
  • Resource Management in Yarn
  • Low latency networking
  • Multi-tenancy concepts
  • Fault tolerance and security
  • Kafka / ActiveMQ
  • Distributed Machine Learning algorithms
  • Graph algorithms


  • Company URL:  sap.com
  • Location:  Walldorf



Job posted 10/24/2016