Territory Systems Engineer – UK (MapR)

MapR is the technology leader in the hottest space in IT: Big Data. MapR commercializes the Hadoop ecosystem, the core of the Big Data technology stack, and is the only company with its own intellectual property embedded in the Hadoop stack. MapR is open source Hadoop, made better. MapR’s innovations uniquely provide the enterprise capabilities sought by companies embracing the Big Data revolution. We have a hugely successful track record in the space and as Enterprise decision-making increasingly becomes data-driven, our successes will only multiply. Forrester ranks MapR as the Best Product Offering in the space.
We’re looking for team players with a commitment to excellence. If you are interested in a fast-paced, high power environment and have a proven track record of exceeding expectations, delighting customers, or overcoming difficult problems, we encourage you to contact us. We are expanding our high quality team across all departments and would love to hear from you.
Overview of Position:
The Territory Systems Engineer is responsible for the following prospect and customer-related activities:
  • Act as the primary technical “go-to” resource for the sales cycle associated with a given territory
  • Facilitate validation of the MapR Hadoop platform and of legacy customer applications and data with the platform via product demonstration, RFP response, Proofs of Concept, performance benchmarking, application integration and other related technical activities;
  • Provide advice and consultation with prospects and customers regarding selection of appropriate workloads to evaluate on a Hadoop distribution;
  • Develop best practice definition and articulation regarding enterprise production usage of the MapR Hadoop distribution;
  • Create, define and execute benchmarks for commonly-encountered prospect and customer workloads;
  • Demonstrate and utilize the MapR Control System (“MCS”) to provision and manage prospect and customer workloads;
  • Generate and develop solution documentation, orientation and ongoing consultation for the territory as customers initialize and expand their deployment of MapR’s Hadoop distribution;
Required Background:
The Territory Systems Engineer is a member of the MapR Technologies sales team and participates in the sales cycle by working with prospects and customers to clearly articulate our value proposition and successfully validate proposed workloads on MapR’s Hadoop distribution. Along with significant (3+ years) experience in a technical pre-sales or customer-facing solution architect role, an understanding of the Enterprise sales cycle and its corresponding technical requirements are required to be effective in this position, including how to run demonstrations and proofs of concept smoothly and effectively.
Experience administering Linux, BSD, Solaris or some other UNIX variant is a must (with a strong preference for Linux). We are seeking candidates who are very comfortable in a UNIX terminal, using UNIX piping to express complex operations and filter data, searching through the file structure; setting up security; modifying configuration files with vi or emacs; hacking up a Python, bash, chef or ruby script to accomplish some automation; setting up the network on new NIC’s, or provisioning new storage; inspecting the process table; and troubleshooting issues such as instability or unexpected poor performance. In summary, we are looking for people who love Linux and go well beyond the basic skill set.
Hadoop is all about working with data, so experience with database, data warehousing or business intelligence (BI) systems is highly desirable. An understanding of distributed systems technology based on Linux platforms is desirable. Extra points are given those with a background (even if it’s a hobby) in reading or writing Java, as so much of Hadoop is Java-based. Travel within the assigned territory will be required, as well as quarterly visits to MapR Technologies Networks’ headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area. Superior communication and relationship-development skills are a must.
Key Accountabilities:
  • Meet or exceed revenue targets for a given territory.
Education and Experience:
  • 3+ years of Sales Engineering or customer-facing Solutions Architect experience, with a proven ability to establish technical leadership with a demanding prospect and customer base, is required
  • Hands-on experience deploying Linux-based solutions is required
  • Experience designing and deploying enterprise-scale database, data warehousing or business intelligence solutions is highly desirable
  • Knowledge of storage and I/O performance optimization fundamentals is desirable
  • Rudimentary knowledge of the Java programming language is a plus
  • Intellectual curiosity and an ability to learn quickly is a must
  • BA/BS in a technical discipline is desirable but not necessary




Job posted 9/18/2015