Software Engineer – Machine Learning (Databricks)

As a software engineer in the advanced analytics team you will implement machine learning algorithms in Spark that scale to massive datasets and build tools that help users apply machine learning in practice. You will also work with world’s leading experts in distributed systems and integrate machine learning solutions into Databricks.

In your work, you will need to have a high-level view of machine learning to help guide major decisions, a deep understanding of the mathematics to ensure proper implementation, and strong engineering skills to make deliverables in Spark and Databricks.


  • Strong desire to work at a rapidly growing startup and make it a success.
  • Advanced degree in computer science, statistics, math, or similar fields.
  • Thorough knowledge of machine learning, statistics, graph algorithms, linear algebra, and numerical optimization.
  • Thorough knowledge of algorithms, data structures, and OOD/OOP principles.
  • Experience with distributed systems such as Spark and Hadoop.
  • General-purpose languages such as Scala, Java, Python, and C++.


  • Familiarity with data analysis and visualization using R, MATLAB,SQL, or PyData.
  • Experience with building end-to-end machine learning products.
  • Publications in top machine learning conferences or journals.



Job posted 10/14/2015