Required skills:

  • Engineering Degree (Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics)
  • Doctorate or Master related to their specialty
  • Other courses to value: statistics, signal processing, data mining, visualization, geo-marketing, project management, online business.
  • High level of English

Desired skills and knowledge:

  • Experience as data scientist or business analyst using large data manipulation, analysis and visualization tools (numerical packages Python, R, Matlab, D3)
  • Extensive experience in solving analytical problems by quantitative approaches
  • Experience in data mining, machine learning and statistical algorithms
  • Expert knowledge of statistical analysis tools for Big Data environments
  • Experience in using statistical algorithms (K-Means Clustering, decision Trees, Random Forest, Naive Bayes, Linear Regression)
  • Experience in handling large volumes of data and complex analysis of data from different sources
  • Expert knowledge of statistical analysis tools with R Big Data environments and programming languages ​​like Python
  • Experience with Big Data technologies (MapReduce, Hadoop, Spark Hive, MongoDB, Cassandra, etc.) Databases and SQL
  • Strong passion for empirical research and answer difficult questions with data
  • Flexible analytical approach that delivers results at different levels of accuracy


  • Interest in learning and sharing knowledge with other team members
  • Huge capacity for learning and self-management.



Job posted 10/27/2015