Client Services Engineer (Basho)

We believe in delivering quality products, services and support. Our Client Services team has worked hard to establish an exceptional reputation. We’re looking for people who can make us even better.

About the Role:

As a Client Services Engineer you will work with Software Engineers and Operations staff at leading organizations, both small and large, around the globe.

You are someone with a software engineering and/or systems administration background that is looking for a new challenge. You have a strong aptitude for troubleshooting. You will be investigating complex issues that may never have been seen before. Digging into source code or evaluating a network stack to understand how things work, or why they don’t, sounds fun to you.

Above all, you are an enthusiastic team player who can communicate well, and is eager to learn and help others.

We are specifically looking for people who live in the Greater London area. You’ll have opportunities to travel, meet, and work with some of the brightest minds in cloud and distributed computing.


● Become an expert on our products.
● Work directly with customers and the community to solve development & operational issues.
● Research, identify, reproduce and document bugs.
● Think outside your role. Invent new ways to improve our company and products.

To Be Successful

● This is a demanding role. To be successful you should:

● Enjoys helping people.
● Handle stressful situations with grace.
● Be competent in *NIX system administration.
● Have fluency in at least one programming language.
● Communicate complex ideas with simplicity and clarity.

Bonus Points

● Experience with Erlang.
● Experience with Java.
● Experience with large production deployments.
● Passionate about distributed systems or functional programming.
● Involvement with other Open Source projects
● Experience with data-storage (SQL, NoSQL, Graph, “big­-data”).

About Basho:

Basho Technologies is the leader in highly ­available, distributed database technologies used to power scalable, data ­intensive Web, mobile, and e­-commerce applications and large cloud computing platforms.

Basho customers, including fast­ growing Web businesses and large Fortune 500 enterprises, use Riak to implement content delivery platforms and global session stores, to aggregate large amounts of data for logging, search, and analytics, to manage, store and stream unstructured data, and to build scalable cloud computing platforms.



Job posted 9/28/2015