Big Data Software Engineer (GoDataDriven)

You are a full stack engineer that cares about code quality and like delivering functionality rapidly. Also, you have experience in scaling systems beyond what a single machine can handle, preferably using open source software. You are comfortable with the challenges presented by distributed systems (such as Apache Hadoop and related technologies) and know how to deal with security and network topics. Above all you enjoy writing code in order to build working systems, yet you are capable of communicating clearly with business representatives about functionality and requirements. You can relay technical considerations in layman’s terms.

Preferred general knowledge includes:

  • Full stack software engineering
  • Testing (TDD)
  • Distributed systems experience (Hadoop/Spark)
  • Networking / security
  • Scripting languages
  • Functional programming / Object orientation
  • Data structures

Preferred skills / tool experience includes:

  • Scripting / dynamic languages, such as Python / bash / Ruby
  • Programming languages, such as: Java / Scala / C / C++
  • SQL
  • Linux and Bash scripting
  • NoSQL (distributed) databases
  • Search systems (Lucene / ElasticSearch / SOLR)
  • Agile software development methodologies
  • Front-end coding and frameworks (HTML5 / JavaScript)
  • ETL



Job posted 10/12/2015