Data Science lifecycle with Zeppelin and Spark

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Apache Zeppelin (incubating) is interactive data analytics environment for computing system. It deeply integrates to Apache spark and provides beautiful interactive web-based interface, data visualization, collaborative work environment and many other nice features to make your data science lifecycle more fun and enjoyable. Talk about how Zeppelin is integrated to Spark and what makes Zeppelin and Spark help data science lifecycle along with live demo. Also discuss about Zeppelin’s pluggable architecture for extending and integrating it in your data science lifecycle, as well as it’s future roadmap.

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About Moon

LeeMoonSoo is a creator for Apache Zeppelin (incubating) and a Co-Founder, CTO at NFLabs. For past few years he has been working on bootstrapping Zeppelin project and it’s community. His recent focus is growing Zeppelin’s community and getting adoptions.