The Spark Summit is an event to bring the Apache Spark community together.  Come hear from leading production users of Spark, SparkSQL, Spark Streaming and related projects; find out where the project development is going; and learn how to use the Spark stack in a variety of applications.

Apache Spark is a Hadoop-compatible computing system that makes big data faster and simpler to write, through rich APIs in Java, Scala and Python. With 200+ companies contributing to the project, this event is a chance to learn from the leading organizations in big data.

On day one hear from top talents in the Apache Spark community, discover where development is headed, and learn how to use Spark in a variety of applications. Tracks will include Data Science, Developers and Applications.

On day two Databricks will be hosting three different Spark training sessions. Registered attendees can choose between Introductory Apache Spark Training, Advanced Spark Training and a Data Science with Spark course.

If you have questions, or would like information on sponsoring a Spark Summit, please contact organizers@spark-summit.org.