Nikolay Malitsky, Senior Architect at Brookhaven National Laboratory

Nikolay Malitsky

Senior Architect, Brookhaven National Laboratory

I am a senior architect on the National Synchrotron Light Source II (NSLS-II) project at BNL, working on the integration of scientific-oriented algorithms with HPC and Big Data technologies to address the new challenges of data-intensive science. Before NSLS-II, I was involved in several accelerator projects, designing and building large-scale high-performance computational applications and three-tier model-based control systems. This experience was generalized into the Unified Accelerator Libraries (UAL) framework which addressed composite modeling studies


Bringing HPC Algorithms to Big Data Platforms

The talk will present a MPI-based extension of the Spark platform developed in the context of light source facilities. The background and rationale of this extension are described in the attached paper “Bringing the HPC… Read more