Debasish Das, Data Scientist at Verizon

Debasish Das

Data Scientist, Verizon

Debasish Das joined Verizon’s Big Data Analytics Group in 2013. Prior to joining Verizon Debasish worked at Intel, Synopsys, Magma and Mentor Graphics. He did his PhD in EECS from Northwestern and BTech in CS from IIT Kharagpur. His current interests include scaling distributed convex optimization, developing machine learning algorithms for batch/streaming workflows and serving the prediction output at scale. His current focus is on developing recommendation engines for mobile advertising and anomaly detection for network security. He has contributed to open source projects like Apache Spark, ScalaNLP Breeze and Embotech ECOS.


Realtime Analytical Query Processing and Predictive Model Building on High Dimensional Document Datasets with Timestamps

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