Alexis Roos, Engineering Manager at Radius Intelligence

Alexis Roos

Engineering Manager, Radius Intelligence

Alexis has more than 19 years of software engineering experience with strong expertise in data science, Big Data, and application infrastructure. Currently an Engineering Manager at Radius Intelligence, Alexis is managing and leading a team of data scientists and data engineers building Radius business graph modeling over 20 million businesses in the U.S., created from over 4 billion records from dozens of sources using Spark, GraphX, MLLib and Scala. Previously, Alexis worked for Couchbase, Concurrent Inc startups, Sun Microsystems/Oracle for over 13 years, and several large SIs over in Europe. Alexis holds a Master’s Degree in CS with a focus on Cognitive.


Building a Graph

Radius Intelligence (www.radius.com) empowers Data Science to deliver an unique marketing intelligence platform used by over hundred US companies. This presentation will explain how Radius is using Spark along with GraphX, MLLib and Scala to… Read more