Customer Data Scientist, Sales Engineering (

Knocking down technical barriers to the adoption of’s products and services is the main responsibility of a Customer Data Scientist at This includes being the technical part of the sales team focused on presenting’s technology to help solve customers’ critical business problems. Another critical part of the role is ensuring the success of existing customers along with expanding the usage of’s technology by discovering additional use cases within a customer’s organization. In order to do this successfully an understanding of a few key technologies is important, namely, machine learning, R, Python, databases, Hadoop, and Spark.

Customer Data Scientists engage with the data scientists at prospects and customers to work in different industries and different problems every day.  This is a hands-on data scientist role, you are not just doing slide-ware, you’ll be building machine learning pipelines and working with customer to architect enterprise-scale smarter applications for large organizations.  Experience seeing the entire lifecycle from conception to design to technology evaluation to pilot program to implementation to maintenance and support is crucial.  This person will interact closely with Engineering to provide valuable optimization feedback from customers that will make its way back into the H2O products.


  • Engage with sales prospects where you prepare and present’s technology along with addressing any technical questions that come up during the sales cycle, including executing machine learning proof of concepts to demonstrate speed and prediction accuracy
  • Support the technical needs of existing customers discovering additional use cases for’s technology
  • Work closely with the product management and engineering team to align customer requirements to future versions and products
  •  Have a deep understanding of’s technology and a willingness to learn new technologies when needed
  •  Manage technical sales process for numerous customers day to day
  •  Map customer requirements to current and future offerings
  • Own the technical sales process from introductory meetings (net new sales) through post-sales (customer satisfaction, upselling, and subscription renewals)
  •  Educate prospects on the business value of’s offerings
  • Drive progress towards successful sales, in concert with Account Executives
  • Focus on customer satisfaction and success



Job posted 2/1/2016