San Francisco
June 30 - July 2, 2014


Spark Summit 2015e
Turning Spark into a data integration machine
Brian Schimpf (Director, Palantir)

ABSTRACT: Palantir specializes in data integration and analytics, working with some of the most important institutions in the world. We’ve had to build systems to support a huge spectrum of data integration challenges, and allow for rapid, human driven insights and data discovery. In this talk, we’ll talk about some of the unique challenges we’ve faced while working in these environments, highlight some of the technology they’ve built to address those, and in particular, look at how Spark is a core part of our infrastructure.

BIO: Brian Schimpf is a Director of Engineer at Palantir, responsible or Forward Deployed Engineering and Product Strategy. Brian has been with Palantir since 2007, working in across all the areas that Palantir is engaged in. Prior to Palantir, Brian worked on self-driving car research while at Cornell University.

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