Shafaq Abdullah, Data Infrastructure at Honest Company

Shafaq Abdullah

Data Infrastructure, Honest Company

A tech-savvy enterpreneur who loves to solve hard business problem with state-of-the-art technology. Currently Heading up Data Infrastructure at Honest after acquisition of Insnap- a BigData Learning platform as Cofounder and CTO. Leading Metric driven scalable data transport (real-time), processing and storage platform and services at GREE. Played key role in exit of Zenprise (Citrix)- by leading enterprise Mobile App management. Holds about 10 patents in Bigdata, ML, Entperise Security. MS from TUT, Finland and B.Sc Computer Engg from UET, Lahore.


Leveraging Spark to Democratize Data for Omni-Commerce

Insnap, a hyper-personalized ML-based platform acquired by The Honest Company, has been used to build a real-time data platform based on Apache Spark, Cassandra and Redshift. Users’ behavioral and transactional data have been used to… Read more