Ping Yan, Research Scientist at Salesforce.com

Ping Yan

Research Scientist, Salesforce.com

Ping spent a decade innovating ways of making sense of data in various domains, from consumer behavior modeling to algorithmic security threat detection. Her works were published as journal articles, monographs and books. Ping holds a Ph.D. in Management Information System from the University of Arizona with a focus on Machine Learning and AI. She is currently a Research Scientist with the Salesforce Security Analytics team. Ping spoke at various Data Science and InfoSec conferences such as ICIS, WITS, CanSecWest 2013, OWASP AppSec 2015, and Spark Summit 2016.


Needle in the Haystack—User Behavior Anomaly Detection for Information Security

Salesforce recently invented and deployed a real-time, scalable, terabyte data-level and low false positive personalized anomaly detection system. Anomaly detection on user in-app behavior at terabyte-data scale is extremely challenging because traditional techniques like clustering… Read more