Navdeep Gill, Hacker Scientist at H2O.ai

Navdeep Gill

Hacker Scientist, H2O.ai

Navdeep is a Hacker Scientist at H2O.ai. He graduated from California State University, East Bay with a M.S. degree in Computational Statistics, B.S. in Statistics, and a B.A. in Psychology (minor in Mathematics). During his education he gained interests in machine learning, time series analysis, statistical computing, data mining, & data visualization.

Previous to H2O.ai he worked at a couple start ups and Cisco Systems, Inc. focusing on data science, software development, and marketing research. Before that, he was a consultant at FICO working with small to mid level banks in the U.S. & South America focusing on risk management.


From R Script to Production Using rsparkling

The rsparkling R package is an extension package for sparklyr (an R interface for Apache Spark) that creates an R front-end for the Sparkling Water Spark package from H2O. This provides an interface to H2O’s… Read more