Matt Fryer, VP, Chief Data Science Officer at Hotels.com

Matt Fryer

VP, Chief Data Science Officer, Hotels.com

Matt is the VP, Chief Data Science Officer for the Hotels.com brand at Expedia Inc. In his current role, Matt leads on all aspects of feature engineering / algorithms / data science / machine learning and technology platform, building up a highly skilled team reporting to the brand president. In addition pioneering big data / data science into the Cloud across AWS, Azure and Google based on with Apache Spark (Python / Scala). He was previously the VP, Analytics for Hotels.com leading on all aspects of analytics, data product mgt & AB testing. Matt has over 15 years of data science analytics & consultancy experience and has held various analytics-related roles with increasing responsibility at companies such as British Airways & Debenhams. Matt holds a Masters (MSc) with distinction in Management Science & Operational Research from Warwick Business School. He is passionate about the opportunity of exploiting the next generation of data science, analytics and technology to improve business decision making and the customer experience.


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