Luke Han, Co-founder and CEO at Kyligence, Inc.

Luke Han

Co-founder and CEO, Kyligence, Inc.

Luke Han is Co-Founder and CEO at Kyligence, co-creator and PMC chair of Apache Kylin project; In past few years he had been working on growing Apache Kylin’s community, building ecosystem, and extending adoptions. Prior to Kyligence, he was the Big Data Product Lead at eBay. Prior to eBay, Luke was chief consultant at Actuate China.


Apache Kylin: Speed Up Cubing with Apache Spark

Apache Kylin is a distributed OLAP engine on Hadoop, which provides sub-second level query latency over datasets scaling to petabytes. Kylin’s superior query performance relies on pre-calculated multi-dimension Cube, which is often time-consuming to build.… Read more