Daniel Whitenack, Data Scientist at Pachyderm

Daniel Whitenack

Data Scientist, Pachyderm

Daniel (@dwhitena) is a Ph.D. trained data scientist working with Pachyderm (@pachydermIO). Daniel develops innovative, distributed data pipelines which include predictive models, data visualizations, statistical analyses, and more. He has spoken at conferences around the world (Datapalooza, DevFest Siberia, GopherCon, and more), teaches data science/engineering with Ardan Labs (@ardanlabs), maintains the Go kernel for Jupyter, and is actively helping to organize contributions to various open source data science projects.


Fully-Reproducible ML Deployment with Spark, Pachyderm, and MLeap

After you train a machine learning pipeline, it can be challenging to deploy it to production, maintain versioned histories of both the model and data used in training, and make the entire process reproducible. This… Read more