Barry Becker, Software Professional at ESI Group

Barry Becker

Software Professional, ESI Group

Barry G Becker loves to create software to visualize information. He has authored over a dozen journal papers in scientific and information visualization, and is an inventor of 5 US patents. He worked initially as a researcher at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and later as a software professional at various start-up ventures and established software companies, most recently at ESI Group. Barry was one of the original members of the MineSet team back in the nineties, and rejoined the team in 2014 to help develop a cloud version of the product using web technologies and Spark.


Visualization of Enhanced Spark Induced Naive Bayes Classifier

The Naive Bayes classifier provided by Apache Spark out of the box is quite limited. It was intended primarily for document classification. It does not automatically handle continuous features, strings, null values, or any sort… Read more