Big Data Software Engineer (NetApp)

As the leading Data Management company, Netapp is driving a lot of growth and scale for its customers and partners using the Big Data and Data Analytics. The ability to create value out of the data mined from the world class storage solutions provided from Netapp is a key differentiator for business growth. Netapp is looking to hire Big Data and Data Analytics engineers and architects to pioneer its solutions and scale it for mass adoption.

As a Big Data Software Engineer you will work as part of a team responsible for building, designing and building Cloud Based (Software as a Service) Platform based on AutoSupport (ASUP) for NetApp storage products. As part of the Big data and Analytics ASUP team, the overall focus of this group is on competitive market and customer requirements, technology advances, product quality, product cost and time-to-market. Big Data engineers focus on enhancements to existing products as well as new product development. In addition, the Big data engineering team is responsible for providing technology stack solutions for agility, scalablility and stability. This will include doing Proof of Concepts for new technologies, evaluation of products for delivering customer and partner usecases. Learn more about this position and others by visiting



Job posted 5/31/2017