Apple Media Products – Data Engineer (Apple)

Apple is seeking a highly skilled data engineer to join the Data Engineering team within Apple Media Products. AMP (home to Apple Music, App Store, iTunes and more) has some of the most compelling data in the world. We are looking for a talented engineer who is motivated by challenging problems and well versed with big data technologies. This is a unique opportunity to join a focused team and work collaboratively with other groups to make a significant impact.
Key Qualifications
Experience in high level programming languages such as Java, Scala, or Python.
Proficiency with databases and SQL is required.
Proficiency in Spark/MapReduce development and expertise with data processing (ETL) technologies is required.
Knowledge of Hadoop related technologies such as HDFS, Azkaban, Oozie, Impala, Hive, and Pig.
Experience in developing large scale data warehousing, mining or analytic systems.
Experience with streaming technologies like Kafka would be a bonus.
Ability to work with analysts to gather requirements and translate them into data engineering tasks
Aptitude to independently learn new technologies.
As a member of a newly formed Data Engineering team, you will have significant responsibility and influence in shaping it’s future direction. This role is inherently cross functional and the ideal candidate will work across disciplines. We are looking for someone with a love for data and ability to iterate quickly on all stages of data pipeline. This position involves working on a small team to develop large scale data pipelines and analytical solutions using BigData technologies. Successful candidates will have strong engineering skills and communication, as well as a belief that data driven processes lead to great products. You will need to have a passion for quality and an ability to understand complex systems.
BS in Math, Computer Science, or equivalent experience. Advanced degree preferred.



Job posted 5/19/2017