Leveraging Apache Spark to Disrupt Airline Pricing Distribution

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EveryMundo’s big data aggregation solution, DataCore, heavily uses Spark to process and serve real-time airline pricing and user route search behavior to create airline-focused marketing automation software for airlines worldwide. In this session, EveryMundo will present the challenges they have faced in collecting and distributing real-time airline pricing data from over 20 international carriers across multiple currencies. They will showcase how Apache Spark is at the center of their data ecosystem, and how it has transformed how they output marketing automation products to the airline industry.

This talk will showcase a timeline of how DataCore evolved and how Spark and AWS solutions have become the pillars of data processing and data visibility for our whole company. We have managed to give access and visibility to our data to our entire company, which foments new product creation, product improvements and interdepartmental collaboration. This is all predicated on the speed and stability that Spark has provided for our data streaming, availability, visualization and calculation requirements.

We would like to end this talk with giving visibility on how Apache Spark has allowed us to disrupt the airline pricing distribution industry and how we are leveraging Spark to generate more value to airlines worldwide.

This presentation will be mostly business impact on the airline industry and the agility of product creation within our company.

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Anton Diego, Founder and CEO at EveryMundo

About Anton

Born in Moscow and raised in Havana, Anton Diego is the Founder and CEO of EveryMundo. Based in Miami, EveryMundo develops and licenses marketing automation software and solutions to airlines. It aims to continue its American dream and transform the way companies innovate through EveryMundo’s technology and expertise. The company is home to 53 full-time employees, with 30 (57%) born outside of the United States. Anton is responsible for the vision and direction of EveryMundo and is passionate about big data processing, modular software and generating turnkey solutions that have immediate impact for its customers.

Daniel Santana, Software Engineer at EveryMundo

About Daniel

35 years old Software Engineer from Brazil, with more than a decade of experience with software development. Living in Miami and working for Everymundo for almost 4 years as a lead engineer. A lover of new technologies, chess, and Jiu Jitsu.