Extending the R API for Spark with sparklyr and Microsoft R Server

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There’s a growing number of data scientists that use R as their primary language. While the SparkR API has made tremendous progress since release 1.6, with major advancements in Apache Spark 2.0 and 2.1, it can be difficult for traditional R programmers to embrace the Spark ecosystem.

In this session, Zaidi will discuss the sparklyr package, which is a feature-rich and tidy interface for data science with Spark, and will show how it can be coupled with Microsoft R Server and extended with it’s lower-level API to become a full, first-class citizen of Spark. Learn how easy it is to go from single-threaded, memory-bound R functions to multi-threaded, multi-node, out-of-memory applications that can be deployed in a distributed cluster environment with minimal amount of code changes. You’ll also get best practices for reproducibility and performance by looking at a real-world case study of default risk classification and prediction entirely through R and Spark.

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Ali Zaidi, Data Scientist at Microsoft

About Ali

Ali is a data scientist in the Algorithms and Data Science team at Microsoft. He spends his day trying to make distributed computing in the cloud easier, more efficient, and more enjoyable for data scientists and developers alike. He focuses on R, Spark, and Bayesian learning.