Cassandra and SparkSQL: You Don't Need Functional Programming for Fun

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Did you know almost every feature of the Spark Cassandra connector can be accessed without even a single Monad! In this talk I’ll demonstrate how you can take advantage of Spark on Cassandra using only the SQL you already know! Learn how to register tables, ETL data, and analyze query plans all from the comfort of your very own JDBC Client. Find out how you can access Cassandra with ease from the BI tool of your choice and take your analysis to the next level. Discover the tricks of debugging and analyzing predicate pushdowns using the Spark SQL Thrift Server. Preview the latest developments of the Spark Cassandra Connector.

Russell Spitzer,  at DataStax

About Russell

After earning his Ph.D in bioinformatics from UCSF, Russell Spitzer took his love of big data to DataStax. There he has worked on all aspects of integrating Cassandra with other Apache technologies like Spark, Hadoop and Solr. Now his main focus on the integration of Cassandra with Apache Spark via the Spark Cassandra Connector.