Building Operational Data Lake using Spark and SequoiaDB

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This topic describes the use of Spark and SequoiaDB in the Operational Data Lake of China’s financial industry, including how to use SequoiaDB to provide online high concurrent services and how to use Spark for data processing and machine learning. China has the world’s largest population, and also the world’s second largest economy. Many of the best technologies used in the United States and Europe are difficult to play effectively in China. This topic will show you how Spark and SequoiaDB are able to provide online financial services to billions of population.

Yang Peng, VP, Solutions at SequoiaDB

About Yang

Yang Peng is VP of Solutions for SequoiaDB. He brings 20 years R&D, business development and industry experience. Yann has worked at SAP Canada as retail product owner before he moved to China and helped building two startups. He currently is the member of Shanghai Big Data Alliance.