Ping Yan, Research Scientist at Salesforce.com

Ping Yan

Research Scientist, Salesforce.com

Ping spent a decade innovating ways of making sense of data in various domains, from consumer behavior modeling to algorithmic security detection. Her works were published as journal articles, monographs and books. Ping holds a PhD in Management Information System from the University of Arizona with a focus on machine learning, consumer analytics and healthcare surveillance. She is a currently a research scientist with the Salesforce Security Analytics team. Ping spoke at various conferences in the field of management science such as ICIS, WITS, BioSecure among others, and InfoSec events including BayThreat, BSidesSF and CanSecWest 2013, OWASP AppSec 2015.


A Graph-Based Method For Cross-Entity Threat Detection

I propose to use a distributed graph-based approach to detect cross-entity attacks via correlating global events on multi-tenant platforms. Detection efforts have mostly focused on detecting each incident individually, while in most attack scenarios, it… Read more