Cheng He

Principal Engineer and Research Manager, Huawei Research Institute

Cheng He is a principal engineer and research manager in Noah’s Ark Lab of Huawei. He joined Huawei Research Institute in 2006 and his research interests include Traffic Measurement and Modeling, Distributed Stream Computing, and Big Data Stream Mining and Online learning. He has led important projects like MBB traffic measurement and modeling, system design for distributed stream big data processing, stream mining and online learning of massive telecom data for intelligent network management, etc. Until now, he has applied for more than 20 patents in China, the EU, and US in his research area. His current research focuses on designing and developing online ML and stream mining algorithms oriented distributed streaming system to support intelligent management of large-scale telecom networks.


Huawei Advanced Data Science With Spark Streaming

We present StreamDM, a new real-time analytics open source software library built on top of Spark Streaming, developed at Huawei Noah’s Ark Lab. The tools and algorithms in StreamDM are specifically designed for the data… Read more