Software Developer III-1 (Rackspace)

If you are the type of person who likes to orchestrate APIs together to get work done, this is the team for you.  This a Java developer position on a team who ties together all of the steps of what it takes to be a new Rackspace customer, along with learning all of the new cloud products in the company.    The opportunity is a chance to work with many different teams and products with high levels of collaboration with many different stakeholders.  If this is exciting to you, then we want you!


Responsibilities include:

Translating functional requirements into conceptual and detailed designs; Providing estimates for development effort in scrum fashion; Implementing proof of concept, prototypes and production-grade software; Creating unit and functional tests; Automated deployments.  This position also assists with operational support for our product, so Linux is a must.



Job posted 5/23/2016