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Kelvin Chu


Kelvin is a founding member of the Data Platform team at Uber. He is creating services and tools on top of Spark to support multi-tenancy and large scale data applications. At Ooyala, he was co-creator of Spark Job Server which was an open source RESTful server for submitting, running, and managing Spark jobs, jars and contexts. He implemented real-time video analytics engines on top of it by datacube materializations via RDD. Before Ooyala, Kelvin was a startup engineer at Jobvite creating enterprise SaaS business. Kelvin holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Maryland at College Park.


Spark as a Platform to Support Multi-Tenancy and Many Kinds of Data Applications

Uber is running businesses in 279 cities across 53 countries. In US, we covers 64% of the population. Every month, we created 50,000 driver jobs. Every day, we facilitates 1+ million trips globally. Uber has…