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Ian Anderson

Principal Research Scientist , InMobi

Ian Anderson obtained a doctorate in Computer Science from the University of Bristol in 2009. During this time he founded Overlay Media to develop technology to sense aspects of context on mobile devices. After supplying and working with Tier 1 mobile device manufacturers Overlay Media was acquired by InMobi in 2012. Within InMobi he took up the role of Principal Research Scientist and his current research interests include inferences that can be made with partial, discontinuous sensor data collected via mobile devices. This includes inferring user behavior traits such as social circles, user behavior patterns and inferences about predicted user.


Building a Location Based Social Graph in Spark at InMobi

At InMobi daily we receive data about 800 million unique users and in-house Hadoop and spark platforms help us get meaningful insights from this data to drive a better targeted advertising model. This particular talk…