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Hector Yee

Software Engineer, Airbnb

Hector is a researcher / engineer in the field of personalized recommendations, machine learning and price prediction. He wrote a large chunk of the Emmy-award-winning personalized video recommendation engine at Youtube and the “Recommended for you (similar users)” part of the Google Play store. These recommendations are generated for many hundreds of millions of users and over millions of items and have increased watch time on YouTube and revenue on the Google Play store by a large percentage. At Airbnb, Hector works on the demand prediction model, image content analysis and machine learning ranking models in search.


Appraiser : How Airbnb Generates Complex Models in Spark for Demand Prediction

Many open source machine learning frameworks exist, such as Spark’s MLLIB and the Hadoop based Mahout project. These frameworks are great for getting started with using ML in products, but because they are so generic…