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Grace Huang


Grace Huang is currently an engineering manager in Intel SSG (Software and Services Group), responsible for advanced Big Data technology enhancement and optimization including Hadoop, Spark and etc. Prior to that, she had been working in the big data area in Intel for over 6 years, with intensive experience on Hadoop, HBase performance tuning and optimization.


How to Boost 100x Performance for Real World Application w/ Apache Spark

With the bloom of Apache spark, various big data applications shift to Spark pool to pursue better user experience. However the initial performance doesn’t always meet expectation. In this talk, we will share our experience…

Towards Benchmarking Modern Distributed Streaming Systems

In general, we presented a common benchmark for modern distributed stream computing system. It helps to characterize the stream system like Spark-streaming and Storm, from performance, reliability and availability perspectives. For example, Spark-streaming is good…