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Dean Wampler

Office of the CTO, Architect for Big Data Products and Services, Typesafe

Dean Wampler, Ph.D. is the Big Data Architect for Typesafe, where he leads the projects building products and services centered around Spark, Mesos, and Akka. He is the author of “Programming Scala, Second Edition”, the co-author of “Programming Hive”, and the author of “Functional Programming for Java Developers”, all from O’Reilly. Dean is a contributor to several open source projects and the co-organizer of several technology conferences and Chicago-based user groups.


Spark on Mesos – A Deep Dive

While Spark and Mesos emerged together from the AMPLab at Berkeley, Mesos is now one of several clustering options for Spark, along with Hadoop YARN, which is growing in popularity, and Spark’s “standalone” mode. This…