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About You

For you, there is nothing like the satisfaction of seeing a huge cluster of servers churning through massive amounts of data quickly and efficiently. Our Big Data Analytics software is the perfect playground for you to learn about, measure, and have an impact on the performance of large scale, distributed systems. You love measuring performance, looking for anomalies and finding where the system breaks down. You have a thorough understanding of distributed systems, clustered servers, and query processing: You have mastered best practices in the black arts of performance measurement including tuning, modeling workloads, lab configurations, and automated nightly runs. You love the “aha!” moment when you figure out what went wrong or how to speed things up. You are analytical, precise and generally a very curious person. You must find out how fast the car will actually go and then figure out how to make it go faster.

The Role

Performance is critical to our success. As a Performance Engineer, you will be responsible for leading the charge in the never-ending pursuit of faster and faster data analysis against ever-growing volumes of data. You will utilize your broad skill set to perform many functions, including setting up performance test scenarios, cataloging results, finding problems, and proposing solutions. You will be immersed in many technologies, including Hadoop, MPP databases, distributed systems, and fault-tolerant architectures.

As a Performance Engineer you will develop and use tools to understand and characterize system performance and scalability. You will work with the engineering team, customer support, and field engineers to find and analyze performance bottlenecks and initiate improvements in architecture and underlying code. You will work with development teams that are designing/architecting our platform as well as customers and field personnel to understand customer workloads and model them efficiently. You must understand system architectures, isolate and pinpoint problem areas, and develop test plans that span hardware and software tiers with little more than verbal conversation. Your responsibilities will also include leading the development of automated performance tests, analyzing the results and ensuring that our releases meet the target goals for performance. You will work with engineering to develop knowledgebase articles that our field and customers can use to optimize the performance of Platfora systems.


  • Industry experience in performance analysis/benchmarking is essential
  • Deep knowledge of database systems and query execution methods is essential
  • Experience with distributed systems
  • A distinguished track record of delivering on technically demanding projects
  • Ability to find root cause of performance bottlenecks
  • Skilled with object-oriented scripting language such as python or ruby
  • Comfortable in a Linux environment
  • Ability to identify potential limitations in software architectures
  • Understanding of throughput, latency, memory and CPU utilization
  • BS, MS, or PhD in Computer Science or equivalent work experience
  • Outstanding attention to detail and communication skills


Desired Skills

  • Experience using “Big Data” technologies in the Hadoop ecosystem
  • Deep knowledge of Java and its internals (e.g. JVM performance tuning)
  • Familiar with SQL query plan analysis/tuning, contention/locking analysis and tuning
  • Experience with agile development methodology

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Job posted 6/12/2015