Implementation Engineer (Continuum)


We are a fast growing technology company looking for system administrators who can help us with install support for our growing Enterprise customer base. Time permitting, this person would also help with IT-related matters and support questions from customers on the Anaconda Platform.

You will get to be a part of an energetic and engaged office who are creating exciting tools and technologies that are making a big difference in the world. You will learn a great deal from both the people you work with and the customers you support. You will be part of a growing company whose products connect the brightest minds with their data.

You will work either from our Austin, TX or Manhattan, NYC office. An exceptional candidate could work remotely.


Required skills:

  • Linux system administration including understanding of supervisord,
  • bash and/or PowerShell
  • network configuration and knowledge (a basic understanding of TCP/IP, etc.)

A creative ability to debug problems and isolate problems is a huge plus.



Job posted 6/4/2015