Data Engineer (Databricks)


As an engineer in the data team you will design, prototype, build, and launch production data products. You will also perform exploratory data modeling and analysis. As an early team member you will help shape the direction of the team. You will transform exploratory results into production low-latency data products that produce interactive dashboards, data that is integrated into other systems (e.g. CRM system), and reports and predictive analysis consumed by the executive team. Your work will directly influence the company’s core strategy, future product decisions, and interactions with customers.



  • Exploratory analysis and prototyping using the Databricks Cloud.
  • Design, build, test, and launch production data products inside of Databricks including Databricks own low-latency data pipeline.
  • Explore, identify, and justify key metrics to Databricks success,and deliver products based on them that measure and drivebusiness/customer/product actions.
  • Where appropriate push bug fixes and features upstream to ApacheSpark and Databricks Cloud (includes design, review, testing, etc.)



  • Love data
  • Strong desire to work for a rapidly growing startup and make it a success
  • Thorough knowledge of algorithms, data structures, and OOD/OOP principles
  • Experience in exploratory analysis of large-scale datasets with visualization
  • Experience building end-to-end data pipelines
  • Languages for data mining and analysis such as R, SQL, PyData
  • Systems-building languages such as Scala, Java, C++
  • Experience with distributed systems such as Spark, Hadoop, Kafka
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills



  • Advanced degree in CS, Math, Statistics or similar fields
  • Practical experience in applied statistics and machine learning
  • Experience with data warehouse environments such as Hive, Greenplum, Teradata
  • Experience working for fast-growing startup companies



Job posted 4/26/2015