Building the Autodesk Design Graph

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Autodesk is a company with a rich history of creating design tools to help people imagine, design and create a better world. The Design Graph consists of machine learned relationships between designs, their parts, attributes, users, projects and social inputs extracted from large amounts of rich 3D design data. The graph will be the basis from which we build syntactic and semantic models of design, to enable explore, discover and navigate workflows to facilitate our customers design efforts. This talk will present how we use Spark in our processing pipeline for building the graph.

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About Yotto

Yotto Koga is a software architect in the Emerging Products and Technologies group at Autodesk, working on big data problems. Previously, he was Co-founder of two startups, Haiku Media and Motion Factory, specializing in digital actor and 3D game middleware technology. He has a PhD from the School of Engineering, Stanford University.